Wulik River of Alaska: A Home To Biodiversity

Alaska is a home to as many as 12,000 rivers and thousands of small creeks and streams. One of these is the Wulik River situated in the North Western part of Alaska. It is eighty miles long and is a home to a lot of biodiversity. It originates from the De Long mountains in the northern slope of Borough and goes to the Kivalina Lagoon in the Chukchi Sea. This is rated as one of the best Char rivers in all of Alaska. Many activities like fishing and kayaking are done on this river.

The fishes and the animals found in and around this river are:

Brown Bear

Brown BearBrown Bear is found almost everywhere in Alaska and its population is estimated to be about 30,000. Since the River Wulik is a home to many fishes, these bears come and hunt here and live in the places nearby. If agitated, Brown Bear can be really dangerous and have attacked many people over the years.

Polar Bear

Polar BearThe Polar Bear population in Alaska is very little and is concentrated at the Arctic coastline. These bears live in the Kuskokwim Delta and St. Matthew’s island. During the summers, they come towards the Wulik River and the Chukchi Sea. There are two main types of Polar Bears found and the type that is near the Wulik Sea is almost extinct. Their number has declined over the years because of the hunting in the past years. Even though it has been banned, now there are very few of them left.


CaribouIt is not found near the Wulikriver but is found in the areas and the mountains surrounding it. The Caribou is the most widespread species of animal in Alaska and over 950,000 Caribou are present in Alaska. They are usually hunted for meat and other purposes which keeps a check on their population.


SalmonAlaska is known for the diversity of fishes in its rivers and sea. Wulikriver has a huge Char population. This round, red and pink yellow spotted fish can weigh up to 9.1 Kg and is huge in size. This is one of the trophy catch if you get a chance to get hold of it. Many camps are set in the basin of the river for people to have the fishing experience of their lives. The other fish that is found in this river is Salmon. It is mostly hunted for food and there are many species of these available in the Alaskan rivers.


MooseMoose is widely spread all over Alaska and so is in the Wulik river area. These animals can weigh up to 542-725 Kg in the case of males and the adult female weigh anywhere around 324 to 591 Kg. Their population is very large in Alaska and is controlled by hunting and wild animals. Like the Brown Bears, these can also be very dangerous and can be commonly found anywhere. About six thousands to eight thousands moose are hunted per year.