A Guide To Spending A Day At Ketchikan

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Situated to the extreme southeast of Alaska, Ketchikan attracts almost millions of tourists every year. It boasts of charming scenery, fascinating history, and mouthwatering Salmon dishes. Alaska is famous for fishing, and Ketchikan is particularly well-known for Salmons – in fact, the city is also known as the Salmon Capital of the World.

There is a lot to explore at Ketchikan. However, if you have limited time in your hand, and you don’t know how to narrow down your tour in the city then you can have this quick guide handy. Here’s you checklist to the five top ways to spend a day at Ketchikan.  

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Creek Street

1.     Creek Street

If you are at Ketchikan then exploring the historic Creek Street should be an indispensable part of your to-do list. Surrounded by quaint buildings, boardwalk, and wooden pilings, Creek Street garners the maximum attention by tourists.

At any given time, you will notice flocks of people posing for a picture against the backdrop of historical buildings, or shopping, or gleefully spotting salmons at the Salmon Ladder. At the Creek Street, ensure you visit the Stedman Bridge, the Married Man’s Trail, and, of course, the Dolly House Museum.

2.     Misty Fjords National Monument

Now, let’s budge you from the streets to the dense forest. Misty Fjords is giant and beautiful. The wilderness extends 2.3 million acres across the Tongass National Forest, with the 100 miles long Behm Canal cutting through the middle of the monument.

From 3000 ft. steep fjords to rich wildlife, Misty Fjords is magical. And the best part is, there is the facility of flightseeing the entire stretch for tourists with a time constraint.

It consists of 24 totem poles that were restored in 1933 by Tlingit and Haida natives.

3.     Saxman Totem Park

Ketchikan is famous for totem poles, and hence visiting the Totem Park is integral to the visit. Saxman Totem Park is situated to 2.5 miles south of Ketchikan at the Tlingit village. It consists of 24 totem poles that were restored in 1933 by Tlingit and Haida natives.

Totem poles are closely entwined to Ketchikan’s art and culture. The poles are used to tell a story or recreate historical events. You can simply walk around the park or tag along one of the village tours organized by the natives.

4.     Annabelle’s Keg And Chowder House

After so much sightseeing, you are bound to feel hungry. And in that case, you should not miss out on Annabelle’s Keg and Chowder House – one of the bests in Ketchikan. Located in the historic Gilmore Hotel, Annabelle’s is famous for chowder, and various other seafood preparations that include salmon, halibut, and crabs.

Alava’s Fish-N-Chowder

5.     Alava’s Fish-N-Chowder

If Annabelle’s served you a sumptuous lunch, then end your day with an equally satiating dinner at Alava’s. It’s known for the cozy ambiance and its classic dish: fish and chips with halibut.

Albeit Ketchikan is 5.9 square miles and the local population is merely 8,245, it is one of the most significant places in Alaska for its tourism, heritage, art, and culture.

In fact, it’s not simply a tour but it’s an experience – something that can’t be captured in one day. And once you have experienced the magic for a day, you are bound to come back to the city.

I am James Doe. I am a weather station owner from Alaska. I have a small weather station and since the weather here is very unpredictable, I constantly assist people by providing them an overview of the day’s temperatures. I have lived in Alaska since childhood and I love this place.