Tips on Fishing in Alaska

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Fishing in Alaska is a huge phenomenon. It’s one of the best recreational activities there. There are so many varieties of fish that you can see here; including fishes that are tiny to the ones that are two feet tall and of course there are sharks. The most common fishes that the Alaskans love to catch are the different varieties of Salmon and Halibut. All the rivers, sea and the lakes are the common fishing grounds for the natives and the tourists.

Here are a few tips if you wish to go fishing in Alaska:

1.   Plan

Planning is very important. Research about the various fish species that are available in Alaskan waters and also research about the places with the highest possibility of making a catch. There are more than eight hundred fishing spots and finding the perfect one for yourself will not be very tough.

2. Timing

Fishing tripYou should really check what time of the year you are going fishing. The fishes are in the water one day and the next day they are gone. If you are new to the place, asking for help from people can be a good idea. There is even ice fishing that is done specifically in the winters on a frozen lake. Fishing can be really fun if you check the timetable in advance. Halibut can be fished in May through September, King Salmon in Mid-May through July, Silver Salmon from July through September, Red Salmon from Mid June to Mid August, and Pink Salmon from Mid July to Mid August.

3. Check the Weather

Alaska has the most unpredictable weather. One time of the day it is fine and then suddenly it would start to rain. Huge storms are common at this place, so it is advisable to check the weather before getting down to fish. You cannot go on boat fishing during this weather, but if you want to do road fishing, it is also an option.

4. Permits

The sports fishing and fishing for personal use require a permit from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. You can easily avail the license online from your homes and you do not even have to be in Alaska for that. Also, there are other different type of licences for different activities like Special Area Permit is required if you want to use off road vehicles or explore any energy resources in an area, Sport Fishing licence is needed by all Alaskan residents above the age of 18, subsistence and personal use license is to be taken by all the people in Alaska before fishing for their personal use.

5. Types of fish

FishThe types of fish that you can find in Alaskan waters is Salmon and its species like King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Red Salmon, Pink Salmon, Chum Salmon. Apart from this, there are Pacific Halibut, Yelloweye Rockfish, Lingcod, Blackfish, Burbot, Capelin, Char, Cisco, Eulachon, Grayling, Gunnel, Lamprey, Lingcod, Mackerel, Pike, Pollock and others.

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I am James Doe. I am a weather station owner from Alaska. I have a small weather station and since the weather here is very unpredictable, I constantly assist people by providing them an overview of the day’s temperatures. I have lived in Alaska since childhood and I love this place.