Efforts and Focus of Public Seismic Network

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Public Seismic Network is a network that is dedicated to the promotion of earthquake awareness and its information. The Public Seismic Network is now spread all over the world and connects the amateur seismologists or a person interested in earthquakes to sources of information. They make huge efforts to make the public aware of the ways in which they can prevent the harm caused due to any natural calamity like an earthquake. Some of the efforts and focuses of the Public Seismic Network are:

Collect Information

Collect InformationThe Public Seismic Network recruits people from all over the world to collect information about the earthquakes and the type of area they can occur in. The information is obtained by using technological instruments that are placed in the places with seismic activities. They make a huge database of information like when was the last earthquake that occurred, where did it occur, what was the intensity, what type of seismic plates are present in the area and what problems that occurred due to the earthquake. They collect all this information and evaluate it to finally find a reason as to why the earthquake happened and what measures could have been taken to reduce the impact.

Spread Awareness

The main focus of the Public Seismic network is to spread awareness amongst the people. So they work on ground levels to hold camps and classes to teach people various things about the natural disasters. They teach people the basic principle of plate tectonics and the reasons behind the occurrence of earthquakes. Also, they provide answers to the questions such as What type of a region is the one they are living in? How sensitive is the region? How frequently can the earthquakes occur? They also teach various techniques that can help a person save himself from major harm during the earthquake. They inform people about the many housing techniques that will save their house from the tremors. This training is specially designed on the basis of the area it is taking place at. They even teach the people about simple first aid that could help them during a hard time. Also in the case of any such disaster, their team of individuals works to help people deal with it by providing necessary resources and support.


EarthquakeEvery Public Seismic Network has a website with all the information about the natural disaster mentioned very clearly. They have all information regarding the history of the earthquake, which place recently experienced an earthquake and list of all the places that are sensitive to the earthquake. You can also check the shelters and other important predictions on their sites. Apart from this, there are various preventive measures and techniques mentioned to make people aware of the ways of reducing the damage of the earthquake. You can also provide your input if there is something that you want the people to know about the earthquake or any other natural disaster. They also mention the preventive measures from other natural calamities that follow an earthquake like Tsunami, landslides and possible volcanic eruptions.

The Public Seismic Network has been adopted by a lot of countries that have disaster prone areas. The network is not only limited to earthquakes but also spreads awareness about other natural calamities like Tsunami, floods, volcanic eruptions and much more.

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