Public Seismic Network and Generation of Public Awareness for Earthquake

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Earthquakes are one of the biggest threat to the human kind. The worst part about these is that they cannot be stopped or controlled and strike at the most unlikely times. It brings with it major losses to the lives of the people and their properties. There are studies that are being conducted to find the solid cause of earthquakes and prevent them from happening. But until then, all that is possible is prevention.

Public Seismic Network

Public Seismic NetworkPublic Seismic Network is a network that connects the normal man to the seismologists and help them get the information regarding earthquakes. This network was first set up in California in 1990 by a group of enthusiasts. Now, this has become a worldwide phenomenon. They have around one hundred and eleven stations in different parts of the world and even the governments of earthquake-prone countries are using their techniques in setting up their own Public Seismic Network. The worldwide group includes amateur seismologists, people who are interested in earthquakes and information resources about the seismic activities. Public Seismic Network is one of the best ways of alerting the people about an upcoming disaster and has been highly effective in many places.

Public Awareness About Earthquakes

Public awareness is very important in preventing the loss from natural disasters like earthquakes. The people will not know unless they are guided through step by step procedures to help themselves. Earthquakes cannot be prevented but we as sensible humans can lessen the damage that can possibly come upon us. There are two parts, one, before the earthquake actually occurs and the other, when the earthquake is happening. These preventive measures should be communicated to people to promote public awareness. The measures are:



HouseWhether you live in an earthquake-prone area or not, your house should be built in such a way that it is able to tolerate earthquakes. Investing in a good house plan while building can be very useful. If you try and save money by not planning your house properly, you will lose a lot more than just property. If you already have a house that is not earthquake resistant, you can still save yourself from the damage. Get your house checked by the experts and have then evaluated the risk your house is at. Then make the required changes like putting an anti-shatter coating on glass doors and windows, fastening down the furniture, getting the walls strengthened and more such things.

Emergency Supplies

Make a list all the things that you would need if you were stuck in an emergency situation where you were not able to get out of the house for days. Make your plan and always keep the stock ready. You should have at least three days of drinking water, food, and other utilities. Apart from this, important things like medicines, flashlights, and extra batteries or candles. This might sound a little old school but keep a radio as a spare can be very useful since all the connections are down at the time of a disaster. Radios can help you be in touch with the happenings of the outside world.

Disaster Training

Disaster TrainingEvery government or many Non-Profit and Non-Governmental organizations keep organizing the disaster management training on a regular basis. You could take one of those classes and get to know more about the preventions of the earthquakes. You can also help the other people who want to know about the preventive measures that should be taken before earthquakes.

Have a plan

If you have small kids at home, making a plan and letting everyone know what to do in case some big disaster happens is advisable. Let them know where to go and how to protect themselves even if you are not present with them. If possible make them take the disaster training. Also, search about the self-shelters and how to access them.

For Two Minutes After

Strong TableTwo minutes after the earthquake, stay away from anything that could fall on you and harm you like ceiling fans and chandeliers. Stay ducked under a strong table or bed; if after the shock something falls, you will not get hurt.

After the Earthquake Stops

Go check for any fires or electricity shorting because that can cause even further damage.

For The Next Three Days

Try and stay at a safe place because an earthquake is followed by an aftershock which could be similar or of a higher intensity than the previous one.

During The Earthquake

Stop driving and stay where you are or get out of your car and move to a nearby shelter. If you are in a building, try and run to the nearest open area if possible. If you are near the shores, immediately run to the higher grounds.

I am James Doe. I am a weather station owner from Alaska. I have a small weather station and since the weather here is very unpredictable, I constantly assist people by providing them an overview of the day’s temperatures. I have lived in Alaska since childhood and I love this place.