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Effects of Earthquakes on the Alaskan Landscape

Earthquakes are a fairly common in Alaska. There are on an average 10,000 small and big earthquakes that take place in every year here. This consists of one earthquake of high magnitude i.e. 7-8 and forty-five of a little lesser magnitude i.e. 6-7 and the rest are of...
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Tectonic Movements in Alaska

Plate Tectonics is a theory that describes the movement of the seven largest plates of the Earth. The concept came into existence during the 1960s. The earth's lithosphere is made up of different levels that differ from each other in physical and chemical properties....
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The Alaskan Earthquakes- A Demon Increasing Death Tolls

Alaska is a state located at the farthest northwest end of the United States. It is surrounded by Arctic Ocean on the north and Pacific Ocean on the southwest side. It lies on top of the Pacific and the North American tectonic plates, that make the region highly prone...
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